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Situated in the middle of the area, Kuningatarvuori will form the central peak of the whole. As “vuori” means hill/mountain we wanted to reintroduce the former contour of the now diminished original hill. The southern edge of the site is strongly curved.

 We decided to first build a one-story high semi underground car park as a platform for the actual apartment building. In this way we simultaneously not only managed to hide most of the cars in the area, but also raised the apartment building so that even the first floor has nice sea views between the villas in front of it. The architecture follows closely that of Kuningatarranta, the aim being that together Kuningatarranta and Kuningatarvuori will form a cohesive background for the whole area. The building has three stories with twelve 2–4-bedroom apartments of which two are two-level penthouse apartments. With green roof solutions, wall climbing wines, and an integrated pocket park on the north side, GREEN will be one defining aspect of Kuningatarvuori.

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