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In 2006 the private orthopaedic surgery clinic “Ars Medicina” had outgrown the premises we had designed for them on Iso-Roobertinkatu, Helsinki. The decision was made to move closer to the city centre on the corner of Bulevardi and Fredrikinkatu. The new premises were more than double in size including an option for future expansions. Since 2006 we have designed the private hospital stage by stage to currently include almost the entire building. The hospital, since renamed “Bulevardin Klinikka”, has undergone a massive expansion and today offers a variety of surgical services and more general medicinal services. The latest addition was to add the whole 5th floor, with premises for “Helsinki Hospital” specializing in complicated surgery, and the MRI scanning facilities for B.K.

Our goal was from the start to challenge the common practice of automatically resorting to “anaemic sterile hospital materials” and explore the possibilities of creating a warmer and aesthetically more pleasing atmosphere wherever possible, while still creating absolute cutting edge facilities for the actual hospital areas. The result has proven to be remarkably successful and has received excellent feedback from both the hospital staff and the clientele.

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