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The hilltop villa, located between a forest covered river valley and a beautiful lake, is situated so that one approaches it from the east through the garden getting only glimpses of the scenery and it is only once entering that the full view opens up through the living room via the terrace and continuing over the lake towards the horizon.

The volume is virtually a cube with the ground level containing the common spaces and the upper level containing all private spaces. The living room reaches the full height of the building, with internal balconies opening to it from the upper floor. On the west side is a large patio forming the main attraction during summertime. During winter, the huge fireplace turns the living room into a cozy sanctuary from the cold.

The light grey facade combined with the cedar shingle roofing melts the villa into the similarly coloured cliff landscape.

Structurally the building is fully ecological, using proven traditional solutions and materials such as birch bark and tar. No plastics or similar materials have been used. The materials include recycled elements such as granite foundation stones, granite blocks forming the fireplace as well as all the interior doors and the main entrance door.

The latest addition has been a lakeside beach-house containing the sauna and guestroom. The beach-house reflects the darker exterior of a traditional Finnish sauna and continues the fully ecological theme.

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